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Hananah Zaheer is a writer, a connoisseur of bad coffee, an avid student of people, and a collector of books.  She is originally from Pakistan, and then from North Carolina, and most recently from Dubai.  After years of trying to figure out her cultural identity, she has finally given up and taken up residence in Nowhereland. Her work reflects her search for identity, and explores the ideas of loss, recovery, death, the silences between spaces, borders—the things that almost are, but never for too long.

She earned an MFA in creative writing from the University of Maryland. Her short story “A video store called Desire” was recently nominated for the Pushcart. She has also been awarded a fellowship by the Virginia Center for Creative Arts (VCCA) and was a finalist for the Doris Betts fiction prize 2014. Her work has been published or is upcoming in Moon City Review, Gargoyle Magazine, Concho River Review, Willow Review and Word Riot, among others.  Currently, she serves as an Associate Fiction editor for the Potomac Review and Four Way Review and spends her time improvising, being involved in theater and consequently lamenting about the lack of time in a day.

She is currently working on a collection of short stories as well as moonlighting as The Writing Junkie and teaching writing workshops in Dubai.

Note: All posts on the blog are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without  author permission or attribution(2009-2016).

6 thoughts on “

  1. Dawn says:

    Nowhereland – love it!
    Ive just stumbled across this blog and I look forward to coming back for me.
    All the best on your journey with your current ‘love affair’. 🙂

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